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Termite Control & Protection

Termites pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of homes, often causing extensive damage before they're even detected. At Future Services, we understand the importance of safeguarding your biggest investment – your home – from these destructive pests. Our comprehensive termite control and protection services are designed to provide you with peace of mind and ensure that your property remains termite-free.

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Got Questions About Termite Infestations?

Our Termite Treatment Methods

  • Liquid Treatment: We’re proud to be an accredited Termidor® HE provider, so you can be sure you’re getting the most advanced cutting-edge techniques and products that will solve your problem. With Termidor, we create a protective barrier around the foundation of your home, ensuring comprehensive protection against termite damage.
  • Baiting Systems: Our advanced termite baiting system is highly effective in eradicating termite colonies. The bait is highly appealing to termites, who bring it back to their colony. From there, it spreads, killing off the infestation from the inside out. In some situations, our termite control experts may recommend a combination of liquid termiticide and bait stations.

Understanding Termite Infestations

Termites are relentless creatures that can wreak havoc on your home without warning. They feed on various materials, including wood, paper, drywall, and even insulation, making no part of your home safe from their destruction. Our termite experts conduct thorough inspections of your property, identifying potential entry points and areas of concern such as rotting wood, cracks in foundations, and crawl spaces. By understanding the behavior and habits of termites, we can effectively tailor our treatment approach to address your specific needs.

Did you know?

  • Termites on earth outweigh humans on earth.
  • Termites work 24 hours a day; they do not sleep.
  • A mature colony of Formosan termites can number in the millions and eat 13 ounces of wood per day.
  • In residential areas where termite pressure is high, research showed an average of 25 colonies per acre, with a maximum of 75 colonies per acre.
  • When one termite colony is eliminated from an area, another colony often moves in to fill the vacated niche.



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Here in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina where termite pressure is high, it’s very important to get routine termite inspections. As the leading termite inspection company in these states, we provide comprehensive assessment services and trustworthy recommendations on how to move forward. Additionally, our Realtor Services cater to real estate professionals and homeowners alike, providing peace of mind during property transactions.



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