Squirrel Removal

Don't let these cute critters make a
mess of your home by chewing on
plants, tree bark and other landscaping.
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Remove Nuisance Squirrels

The south eastern states are home to three main species of squirrels, the Eastern Gray Squirrel, the Fox Squirrel, and the Southern Flying Squirrel. Each of these squirrel types prefer to live in both woodland and urban areas and are most active during the day, often feeding on the ground…but make no mistake about it…they are VERY attracted to openings in trees and your home! To a squirrel, your home is like a big, warm tree with many places to live and hide from predators. They can chew their way into your home by making tiny holes bigger in your roofing and walls. Squirrels can chew through wiring insulation and vinyl siding.