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Liquid Termite Treatment – Retreat Only


  1. RETREATMENT AGREEMENT. Subject to the graph, specifications and the General Terms and Conditions listed below, FUTURE SERVICES, INC. – herinafter referred to as
    FUTURE – issues this Retreatment Agreement which provides for additional treatment in areas in which future infestations of termites (Eastern Subterranean and Formosan only) occur after the original date of treatment. Retreatment will be rendered provided that the structure has been under an ongoing Agreement from the date of the initial treatment and subsequent Renewal Maintenance fees have been paid on a consecutive basis. FUTURE is not responsible for the repair of damages.
  2. CORRECTIVE / CONDUCIVE BUILDING MATERIALS. It is FUTURE’s recommendation that the customer remove all synthetic stucco (E.I.F.S.) or other siding materials that are below the outside grade level, remove or insulate all wood/cellulose materials that are in direct contact with the ground, correct all conducive conditions that would allow target
    pest to survive above the soil, including aerial infestations, and repair all existing damage. If aerial infestation, or carton nest is suspected or found, home owner will provide access
    for FUTURE to perform localized treatment. Future shall have no responsibility for repairs of the structure when aerial infestations or carton nests exist.
  3. RENEWAL MAINTENANCE PROVISION. This retreatment guarantee will be renewed by FUTURE upon receiving payment of the Renewal Maintenance Fee on or before the Renewal Frequency Date specified on the reverse side of this agreement for the life of the agreement. FUTURE reserves the right to increase the
    renewal rate.
  4. MOISTURE. Moisture problems in treated structure, including but not limited to interior areas, plumbing, roof, or exterior drainage issues may destroy the effectiveness of the
    termite treatment, thereby allowing ground or aerial infestation to exist after the date of the treatment. If such a condition exists., homeowner must correct the cause of the moisture problem and notify FUTURE of the condition so FUTURE can provide additional treatment in the area where the moisture problem has altered treatment and created a conducive environment for termite infestation. Failure of the homeowner to correct moisture problem will cause this agreement to be null and void. FUTURE reserves the right to charge for additional treatment.
  5. ADDITIONS AND ALTERATIONS. this Agreement covers the property described on the Inspection Graph as of the date of the initial treatment. In the event the premises are structurally modified, altered or otherwise changed or if soil is removed or added around the foundation, Purchaser will notify FUTURE prior to such event and will purchase the additional treatment required by the changes incurred. Failure to do so will void this Agreement. In the event of any such change, FUTURE reserved the right to adjust the Renewal Maintenance Fee. The failure of FUTURE to notice any such changes during future re-inspections or treatments does not release Purchaser from the obligations set forth in this paragraph.
  6. TRANSFERABILITY. this warranty is transferable to subsequent owners, at no extra cost, only with the express written consent of FUTURE , with an exchange of address, phone numbers and information necessary for maintaining proper termite control service. The Purchaser agrees that FUTURE has the right to alter all or part of the Service Agreement, Renewal Maintenance Fee and General Terms and Conditions, upon transfer to any subsequent owner of the structure.
  7. UNFORESEEN ACTS CLAUSE. FUTURE liability shall be terminated should FUTURE be prevented from fulfilling its responsibilities under the terms of this Agreement by reasons of acts of wars, whether declared or undeclared, acts of God, or natural disasters.
  8. NON-PAYMENT DEFAULT. Failure to pay Total Initial Costs as listed under the PAYMENT INFORMATION Section of his Agreement or failure to pay consecutive Renewal Maintenance Fees as specified in the RENEWAL MAINTENANCE Section will render this agreement and full warranty null and void. The Purchaser will pay all collection costs if payment is not received according to Service Agreement. A finance charge of 1.5% per month or 18% per year will be assessed on all past due amounts older than 30 days.
  9. CLAIMS, ACCESS TO PROPERTY. Any claims arising out of or relating to this Agreement must be made to FUTURE during the term of this Agreement. Purchaser must allow FUTURE access to the described property for any purpose contemplated by this Agreement during reasonable business hours, including but not limited to re-inspections, whether the inspections were requested by the Purchaser or considered necessary by FUTURE. The failure to allow FUTURE such access will terminate this Agreement without further notice.
  10. DISCLAIMER. This Agreement provides for treatment and re-treatment of termites. It does not apply nor is it intended to be effective against any other pest including but not limited to drywood termites and damp wood termites, or any other wood destroying insects or organisms.
  11. PRODUCT SENSITIVITY CLAUSE. FUTURE applies all products according to manufacturer’s specifications; however, if anyone (including pets) entering the premises is sensitive to product applied or product odors, FUTURE shall have no liability for side effects caused by products or product.
  12. FUTURE and the Purchaser agree and understand that this contract, the graph, specifications, and the guarantee constitute the complete agreement between the two parties. With that said, this agreement may not be altered in any manner, whether verbally or by a representative of FUTURE , unless alterations are in writing and executed by a corporate officer of the company.
  13. MANDATORY ARBITRATION: Purchaser and Future Pest Control, Inc. agree that any claim, dispute or controversy between them or against the other or the employees, agents, or assigns of the other, and any claim arising from or relating to this agreement or the relationship which result for this agreement no matter against whom made including the applicability of this arbitration clause and the validity of the entire agreement, shall resolved by neutral binding arbitration by the American Arbitration Associations or any otherwise mutually agreeable arbitrator. Each party shall be responsible for paying it’s own fees, costs, and expenses and the arbitration fees as designated by the Code of Procedure. The decision of the arbitrator shall be a final and binding resolution of the disagreement that may be tenured as a judgement by a court of competent jurisdiction. This arbitration agreement is made pursuant to a transaction involving interstate commerce, and shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act 9 U.S.C, Section 1-16. Each party consents to the personal jurisdiction and venue of the courts in which the property is Judgement upon the award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. Neither party shall sue the other party with respect to any matter in dispute between the parties other than for enforcement of this arbitration provision or of the arbitrators decision and a party violating this provision shall pay the other party ‘s costs, including but not limited to attorney’s fees with respect o such suit and the arbitration award shall so provide. THE PARTIES UNDERSTAND THAT THEY WOULD HAVE HAD A RIGHT OR OPPORTUNITY TO LITIGATE DISPUTES THROUGH A COURT AND TO HAVE A JUDGE OR JURY DECIDE THEIR CASE, BUT THEY CHOSE TO HAVE ANY DISPUTES DECIDED THROUGH ARBITRATION.


If you are not satisfied with the results of our Termite treatment, report your dissatisfaction to the General Manager and we will continue to provide service at NO ADDITIONAL COST. If FUTURE is unable to solve your pest problems, we will refund your INITIAL TREATMENT fee, provided:

  1. Your request is made to FUTURE, in writing, within 15 days following the initial treatment, and
  2. After receiving your written request, FUTURE is unable to remedy the PEST PROBLEMS within 90 days..

In the event of a refund FUTURE SERVICES will refund the INITIAL SERVICE fee, less a 35% restocking fee. No refunds will be provided beyond 90 days following the date of

The Georgia Pest Control Act requires all pest control companies to maintain insurance coverage. Information about this coverage is available from this pest control company.

E.Sub.T.Ret(back) (Rev. 1-17)

Liquid Termite Treatment – Retreat Only

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