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Beetles belong to the largest order of insects called the Celeoptera. There over quarter million beetle species around the world. The beetles have a cycle which consists of four stages- egg, larva, pupa and then adult. Even though beetles have front and back wings, they are poor fliers. Beetles wings are very hard and are sometimes misunderstood as shells. Beetles can easily be controlled with pest control products available in the market.

Reproduction and Life Span of Beetles

Different species of beetles have different life spans and development stages. Some can complete the metamorphosis in a year whereas others might take several years to develop into an adult. The life span of a beetle also depends on the environment and living conditions. If the food is available then the larvae will develop relatively quicker.

Living and Diet

Beetles generally are found under tunnels, water, dry land and even indoors. Beetles can feed themselves on a variety of different items. They can eat natural feathers and fibers, bamboo, furniture, hardwoods, leaves etc. Beetles are generally found inside homes and also in gardens and yards. Beetles are most commonly found inside homes during the winters when they are looking for warmer living spaces.


Beetles come in various sizes, colors and shapes. There are some species of beetles that resemble spiders and can range from 1mm to about 15cm in size. Most beetles can be damaging and are a nuisance, however some like the ladybird eat other dangerous insects and so are welcomed by farmers. Some of the most common types of beetles include the American spider beetles, blister beetles, dried fruit beetles, cigarette beetles, flour beetles, Japanese beetles and plaster beetles.

Pest Control

It is important to apply effective pest control methods to eliminate beetles, especially from homes in order to protect your family and pets from potential health risks.

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